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UP Coin and Cultivation Receives First Dollar

While not a completely new business, a local business has changed ownership and has expanded. Located at 321 Deer St., U.P. Coin & Cultivation (previously known as Hypnotic Hydroponics) is now owned by a retired veteran and sprouting up new opportunities.

Along with natural and organic growing, they offer gold and silver bars and coins for collectors and investors. Operations Manager, AJ Lundgren Rodrigues, says, “We do a lot more than hydroponics. From indoor and outdoor growing to greenhouses, we have products that can help improve rose bushes, to tomatoes and natural medicines.”

By attending annual trade shows, they are able to order products in bulk and offer the best prices to their customers. Sunshine Mix No.4 soil is one of their top sellers and they are the only location to sell these nutrient-rich products between Sault Ste. Marie and Escanaba.

U.P. Coin & Cultivation is open Monday through Friday from 12-5 p.m. Be sure to stop by and view their assortment of products and for more information, call them at 341-4769 or visit their new Facebook page.

*This article was originally published by the Pioneer Tribune. Click here to learn more about their online subscription to follow more local news.

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