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Boardwalk Bar & Grill presented ‘first dollar’

MANISTIQUE – Boardwalk Bar & Grill held their Grand Opening on April 18 and celebrated their ‘first dollar’ with Schoolcraft Tourism & Commerce on June 16! Boardwalk Bar & Grill is owned by Zane and Cindi Floyd.

Presenting Boardwalk Bar & Grill their ‘first dollar’ is STC Marketing Intern Erin Labar. Pictured from right is Boardwalk Bar & Grill owner, Cindi Floyd, standing next to manager, Christine Floyd and members of their kitchen and wait staff.

Their restaurant features signature salads, wraps, burgers, and dinners. They also have a very popular drink menu including a customer favorite, the Boardwalk Buster, which is a Bloody Mary garnished with a cheeseburger slider, a “frickle”, a big mac egg roll, homemade onion rings, gouda bacon mac and cheese bites, a chicken tender, and jalapeno poppers.

Their interior is equipped with modern features, such as color-changing led lights, rustic wood accents, and a long custom-made bar that creates a very inviting atmosphere. As a new establishment in Manistique, they quickly gained many positive reviews.

To learn more, check out Boardwalk Bar & Grill on their Facebook Page or visit them at 238 S. Cedar St. in Manistique.

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