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Drift Celebrates Grand Reopening

MANISTIQUE – Drift Alchemy, first located in the loft inside of The Mustard Seed, can now be found in its own storefront at 210 S Cedar Street.

Above pictured from left to right are Schoolcraft Tourism and Commerce representative, Alison Cook, Mandy Holesh, and Cas VonDrac.

Drift Alchemy, which celebrated its one-year anniversary last fall, is a magical sight with tables adorned with crystals, herbal bath bombs, handmade jewelry, books, meditation pillows, affirmation cards, and more.

On occasion, Drift offers tarot card readings and Henna tattoos.

The owner of Drift, Mandy Holesh, invites residents to “find the magic within yourself” and find intentional living tools in her shop.

For more information, check out their Facebook page or stop by the shop and say hello.

*This article was originally published by the Pioneer Tribune. Click here to learn more about their online subscription to follow more local news.

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