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Resources Available in our Community

Meet Victoria George

Your one-stop resource for current and aspiring business owners, she is here to address your questions and concerns. She will connect you with the essential services and the right people to ensure your business gets up and running smoothly, as well as expand.

Victoria George


Start maximizing your business exposure while building relationships. Here are addition resources to assist you with your business needs.


The City of Manistique's zoning ordinance is a comprehensive document that encompasses zoning districts and maps, site plans, general regulations, regulations for signs, and conditional use permits. This ordinance serves as a crucial framework for planning and development within the city, guiding land use, building standards, and the overall aesthetic and functionality of different areas. It provides clarity and direction to property owners, developers, and city officials, ensuring that growth and changes within the city are in line with established guidelines and objectives.

For the Schoolcraft County Zoning Ordinance, a resource that provides access to essential construction project guidelines and permits, ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Additionally, zoning administration details, including zoning maps, ordinances, permits, and the master plan, can also be found at:

For comprehensive building code administration information in Schoolcraft County, including permits for building, electrical work, and demolition, individuals can visit the official website at:

To obtain permits from the health department for your business, reach out to the Luce, Mackinac, Alger, Schoolcraft County Health Department at 906-341-6951 extension 110. For additional details about LMAS, visit their website.

Grants and Funding 

InvestUP collaborates with developers, lenders, and government to enhance regional workforce housing through initiatives like Build U.P.'s CASH COLLATERAL PROGRAM and RESIDENTIAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROGRAM. These initiatives are significant steps towards addressing the community's housing needs. They offer essential support and resources to stakeholders involved in housing projects, fostering collaboration and innovation to tackle housing challenges. By leveraging these programs, developers, lenders, and municipalities can work together more effectively to create affordable and sustainable housing solutions, ultimately benefiting the entire region.

The Michigan Community Revitalization Program (MCRP) is an incentive program available from the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF), in cooperation with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). The focus of the MCRP is to encourage and promote structural renovations and redevelopment of brownfield and historic preservation sites located in traditional downtowns and high-impact corridors. MCRP provides gap financing in the form of performance-based grants, loans, or other economic assistance for eligible investment projects in Michigan.

The Build MI Community Grant is an initiative designed to promote private investment in Michigan communities. Administered by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) on behalf of the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF), this tool provides access to real estate development gap financing for small scale, incremental redevelopment projects.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) works to enable rural development and foster efficient administration operations through service, partnership and collaboration.

MI Neighborhood is a blend of $60 million in funding in response to regional action plans strategic alignment with the Statewide Housing Plan. This new application streamlines access to three main housing activity components: rehabilitation, new unit, and/or public amenities.  Refer to the program overview in the section below for additional details.

Zoning Administrator

Schoolcraft County:


Tasha Rosebush

(906) 341-3674

Building Administrator

City of Manistique:


Kris Grover

(906) 341-3678

Electrical Inspector

Mike Rozek

(906) 458-7883

City of Manistique Assessor

Derek Morrison

 (906) 202-2699



Developing a strong marketing strategy is crucial for organizations to effectively reach their desired audience, distinguish themselves from competitors, and achieve their business objectives in a competitive market. Another important reason for creating a marketing strategy is to connect with the right people and customers.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Make an outline of how you plan to share your products and/or services to the community and future customers.

Create an Action Plan

Turn your goals, strategies, and other plans into an action plan that can help your business stay on track and measure progress. 


Become a member of Schoolcraft Tourism & Commerce

We at STC are a non-profit that functions as the county's Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Corporation, and manage the county Welcome Center. 

Attend a Third Thursday Networking Event

Our casual, monthly networking events have connected business owners to employees, new residents to community organizations, and new ideas and partnerships have flourished all while having a good time at a local eatery.

Schedule a Ribbon Cutting or celebratory milestone

Once your doors are open for business let's celebrate! Schedule a free of charge ceremony to kick off your newest adventure to the community. 


We are committed to the success of Schoolcraft County and work collaboratively to create an environment that results in economic prosperity for all.

Meet The Team

Corey Barr

Corey Barr

Manistique, City Manager

(906) 450-3682

Kim Shiner

Kim Shiner

City of Manistique Mayor

City Planning Commission

(906) 281-4055

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Board Chair,

Schoolcraft County Board of Commissioners 

 (906) 450-3021

We're ready to meet the needs of any business, big or small. 

Meet the Team
Julie Bosanic

Julie Bosanic

Business Services Specialist, Upper Peninsula Michigan Works!

(906) 280-6181

Victoria George

Victoria George

Executive Director, Schoolcraft Tourism & Commerce

(906) 341-5010

Tasha Rosebush

Tasha Rosebush

Schoolcraft County Zoning Administrator

(906) 341-3674


Nicole Potvin

Michigan Small Business Development Center

(906)  450-5042


Lance Wolfe

Small Business Development Center

(906) 399-2647

Rick Demers

Board Chair, Schoolcraft County Economic Development Corporation

(906) 341-7130

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