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State Farm Agent Anthony Autore - First Dollar

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Schoolcraft County Economic Development Corporation representatives are welcoming new businesses to the area with a recently implemented “First Dollar” program.

Pictured from right to left are EDC Board Chairperson Don Erickson, State Farm Agent Anthony Autore, and EDC Executive Director Alan Barr. Autore is an Lake Superior State University graduate and has been with State Farm for three years. He recently opened offices in both Munising and Manistique. Anthony is a father of two, is planning to marry this summers, and enjoys the outdoors. “I was born in the U.P. and will stay in the U.P. I’m looking forward to giving back to the great small towns of Munising and Manistique, especially the kids, because I know what’s its like to grow up in towns like these, and I want to make a difference,” he stated.

*This article was originally published in the Pioneer Tribune. Click here to learn more about their online subscription to follow more local news.

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