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Whether it's mountain, fat bike, cyclocross, road, trike, triathlon or any other form of human powered cycle, the Upper Peninsula has the natural goods to deliver, just show up and ride. Bikers can go for a 100 mile training ride in the UP and sometimes see less than 10 cars. It's more likely that you'll see a moose on the side of the road than have a car blast their horn at you. The best routes aren't known to vacationers. Until now.


Tour Da Yoop, Eh is a 10 day, 1,200 mile bicycle ride around the outskirts of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

We travel through all 15 counties, ride along side 3 great lakes, see beautiful waterfalls and countless wildlife.

Tour Da Yoop, Eh is more than just a bike ride, it is a full experience of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Come meet the nicest people and have an experience you’ll never forget.

Annual Tour Da Yoop, Eh
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