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U.P. Septic Services, Inc. presented with First Dollar

Jason and Diane DesJarden have started yet another business venture by purchasing U.P. Septic Services, Inc. last December. The couple says their entrepreneurial spirit led them to running U.P. Septic Services, Inc., Des- Jarden Excavating, and DesJarden Storage LLC.

The DesJarden name has been proudly serving Schoolcraft and Delta counties with their excavating services since 1994. In 2014, Jason and Diane took over from their aunt and uncle, Allen and Mary.

Two years after that, they added DesJarden Storage. U.P. Septic Services, Inc. was previously owned by Kate Steider for 15 years. Services offered by the Des- Jardens include portable toilet rentals, septic pumping, and septic service inspections along with indoor and outdoor self-storage, shrink wrapping for boats, small engine repairs, and many excavating services for home, business or commercial needs.

To learn more about their services, visit or call 341-5962. They are located at 600 N Houghton Ave. in Manistique.

*This article was originally published by the Pioneer Tribune. Click here to learn more about their online subscription to follow more local news.

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