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Circling the entire Upper Peninsula! 

We are bringing awareness to the amazing biking opportunities in the U.P. and have mapped out a gigantic perimeter bike loop and tackling it in just 10 days! With over 60+ riders involved in this incredible trek, we want you to be on the look out when we come to your community!  If you are interested in getting involved please contact us at www.tourdayoopeh.com. 

The Routes

  • Tour Da Yoop, Eh – 10 sections totaling 1,200 miles circling the entire UP. This brings national attention to biking in the UP and is a biker’s bucket list.

  • Tour Da Yoop Loops – highlights preferred biking routes within communities. This allows bikers to pick a vacation destination and explore by bike, looping back to their place of stay.

  • Tour Da Yoop North / South – The quiet roads that connect Lake Superior and Lake Michigan communities. This caters to the extended vacation biker that wants to explore numerous communities by bike and eventually loop back to their starting point. This also helps them plan out a strategy of eventually accomplishing the entire “Tour Da Yoop, Eh”

The Tech & Support

  • Tour Da Yoop, Eh maps are held at Ride with GPS, and can be easily downloaded to a phone, GPS unit or other device. The maps can be embedded into your website, to help drive people to your community/place of business.

  • A point of interest library is populated throughout all the maps, showcasing natural attractions and businesses wanting to capture the biking community. 

  • Tour Da Yoop, Eh is being promoted through Pure Michigan, League of Michigan Bicyclists as well as numerous other organizations. Some are calling biking in the UP to be the next Pictured Rocks phenomenon. 

Follow The Inaugural Ride! 

  • The full 10 day route will be available for the public view/download throughout the inaugural ride. Starting with section 1, adding section 2 on August 21st and so on. Check back each day until September 1st to find out where they're headed!